Sort Your Life Out viewers slam series 4 episode as ‘too intrusive’

Sort Your Life Out viewers have slammed the latest episode of series 4 as “too intrusive”.

Tuesday’s episode (March 19) saw host Stacey Solomon help out single mum Rachel to declutter her home. However, Rachel’s ex-husband Darren also featured in the show.

During one point, Rachel discovered Darren’s proposal speech while sorting through things from her home. Rachel became emotional as she reflected on her and Darren’s split.

Single mum Rachel on Sort Your Life Out series 4
Rachel needed Stacey and the Sort Your Life Out team’s help (Credit: BBC)

Sort Your Life Out series 4 last night

Rachel told Stacey: “It’s not that I want him back any more, it just makes me sad that it was wasted in a way.”

However, Stacey told her: “I disagree. I think you’re not doing yourself justice. You’re handling it so well.”

Earlier in the episode, Rachel opened up about her split from Darren. She said: “We’d been married 10 or 11 years and I could tell that something was not quite right. So I confronted him and he said, ‘I don’t love you anymore’ and weeks later he was in a relationship with somebody.

“But they are still together and they’re getting married this year so it’s all worked out for the best.”

Proposal speech shown on Sort Your Life Out series 4
Darren’s proposal speech to Rachel was discovered while decluttering her home (Credit: BBC)

Sort Your Life Out last night

Later in the show, Darren joined Rachel and their daughters – Amelia, 15, and Madeline, 11, – as he helped them sort through the home.

Darren looked shocked when a lot of his stuff was laid out from the house. He admitted: “I just didn’t think for one minute that there was anything like this amount of stuff in there. How did this go in one garage?”

He then helped out Rachel, his daughters and Stacey to clear out the stuff.

Sort Your Life Out viewers watching had some criticism for the show, however. Some thought it was “too much”.

Stacey Solomon with Sort Your Life Out guests on series 4 episode
Darren helped out when it came to decluttering ex Rachel’s home (Credit: BBC)

One person said on X: “Too much emotional baggage in this episode. Too intrusive. Not our place to be party to this.”

Another wrote: “Please don’t ever do an episode like this again. The constant slating of the ex is embarrassing and not for TV.”

Someone else added: “Agreed. Really awkward. Relationships end for all sorts of reasons.”

But another person said: “One of the nicest families to ever appear on the show!”

Another gushed: “THE highlight of my week. Would love, love, love a spin-off show seeing the warehouse being organised and everything set out.”


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Sort Your Life Out continues next Tuesday (April 2) from 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.

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