Sharon Stone Publicly Names Producer Who Allegedly Pushed Her to Sleep With William Baldwin

Years after alleging in her memoir that a producer once urged her to have sex with a co-star, Sharon Stone has decided to name names.

Stone now says ostentatious film producer and studio mogul Robert Evans, who died in 2019, is the one who pressured her to sleep with William Baldwin, her co-star in the 1993 erotic thriller Sliver. Stone claims that Evans called her into his office during filming to request that she help Baldwin’s “performance” in the film.

“He’s running around his office in his sunglasses explaining to me that he slept with Ava Gardner [his The Sun Also Rises co-star] and I should sleep with Billy Baldwin, because if I slept with Billy Baldwin, Billy Baldwin’s performance would get better, and we needed Billy to get better in the movie because that was the problem,” Stone said on Tuesday’s episode of The Louis Theroux Podcast. (GLAMOUR reached out to Baldwin’s rep for comment.)

According to Stone, Evans’s thinking was, “If I could sleep with Billy, then we would have chemistry onscreen, and if I would just have sex with him then that would save the movie. And the real problem in the movie was me because I was so uptight, and so not like a real actress, who could just f*ck him and get things back on track. And the real problem is that I was such a tight-ass,” she recalled.

Sliver was Sharon Stone’s follow-up to 1992’s Oscar-nominated Basic Instinct, during which Stone says she had a markedly different experience. “I didn’t have to f*ck Michael Douglas,” Stone said. “Michael could come to work and just know how to hit those marks and do that line, and rehearse and show up. Now all of a sudden I’m in the ‘I have to f*ck people’ business.”

A version of this article originally appeared on VANITY FAIR.

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