Savannah Guthrie Sings and Dances While Filming Sesame Street

She already knows how to get to Sesame Street! Today’s Savannah Guthrie sang and danced alongside puppet stars Elmo and Grover, taking to social media on Monday, March 11, to announce her summer appearance on the show. 

“Hung out with some old friends today,” Savannah, 52, wrote on Instagram while smiling next to the Elmo’s World star and everyone’s furry ol’ pal. “Coming this summer on @sesamestreet!!!” she continued, to a chorus of support from fans in the comments. 

Savannah’s upcoming appearance on the long-standing children’s show comes amid the Today Show host’s career expansion. Though she’s known for announcing the news each morning on the NBC telecast, Savannah has regularly branched out – this time, she jumped from the hosting seat and into the headlines. 

A busy couple of weeks commenced when Savannah released her new book, Mostly What God Does, and embarked on a book tour. She was absent from Today on March 1, and didn’t joined cohost Hoda Kotb until March 4 for her regular duties. Savannah had previously missed work on February 16 and February 19, both focusing on her book and trying to keep a low profile due to the controversy that surrounded her February 15 interview with Kelly Rowland

Courtesy of Savannah Guthrie/Instagram

Kell, 43, sat down with Savannah before she was scheduled to cohost later in the broadcast. Dissatisfied with the dressing room – and on the receiving end of a Beyoncé-skewed interview on Savannah’s part – Kelly left set early. Rita Ora, who was performing that day, quickly stepped in to avoid disaster. 

Just five days later, Savannah was swarmed with her book release, and enjoyed promotion from her Today colleagues. 

“This book is a series of reflections about faith, and it’s from the heart,” Savannah told USA Today on February 20. “It’s really vulnerable and personal. And it’s that way because in so many ways, this is the book that I need to read. … I need to be reminded, like we all do, that God loves us and is on our side and has an eternal promise to be present to us. It’s not a promise that everything’s going to work out our way, or on our timing, or that we’re just going to crush life. It’s simply a promise that I am here for you. And I’m here with you.”

But if the Kelly controversy wasn’t bad enough, Savannah’s new book quickly became the target of an online scam, resulting in people selling fake versions of a workbook of it with her name attached. 

“PSA — so many fakes out there! I didn’t write anything other than the book Mostly What God Does — no workbooks, no studies, no nothing!” she wrote in a caption on February 25. Hopefully, some time spent with the cutest furry creatures will help Savannah turn things around.

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