Ryan Garcia Predicts Mike Tyson KO, Questions Legitimacy Of Jake Paul’s Fights

Ryan Garcia is giving YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul as having no shot at defeating former unified heavyweight champion Mike Tyson in their exhibition fight streamed on Netflix on July 20th in Arlington, Texas.

Kingry feels that Jake’s only chance of winning this fight is if the fight is fixed ahead of time for him to defeat Tyson. Otherwise, Tyson will knock him out within four rounds. We don’t know if Tyson will take it easy on Paul.

Garcia says he’s met Tyson, and he noted that he was “huge,” and he understands why people would be “scared” of him. At 57, Tyson is 30 years older than the 27-year-old Jake, but he’s physically gifted and cut for this sport.

Rigged Results?

“I’ve met Mike Tyson; he’s huge. There’s no way Jake Paul is taking it,” said Ryan Garcia on social media about the July 20th fight between Jake Paul and former unified heavyweight champion Mike Tyson.

Jake is a latecomer to boxing and is slowly developing into a good cruiserweight. We don’t know how well he’ll handle the power and speed skills that Tyson will display against him.

“The only way Jake Paul wins this fight is if they already have it coordinated for him to win. That’s it,” said Ryan. “That’s the only way. Has that happened in this sport before? Yeah, it has. Mike Tyson went a couple of rounds with Roy [Jones Jr.].

In Mike’s exhibition match against Roy Jones Jr. in November 2020, it appeared that he was pulling his punches and only throwing to the body. That fight was scored as an eight-round draw, and many boxing fans were disappointed with the way the two legends weren’t fighting hard. It resembled light sparring, and it wasn’t entertaining.

Mike Tyson’s Power and Presence

“I think he only needs four to beat Jake Paul. I don’t think he even needs four. I think if Mike hits him with one good one, it’s over, but that’s just me. I’ve met Mike. Mike is a different breed, bro. When he steps in the room, you’re like, ‘Alright, now I know why people are scared.’”

If Tyson is going to fight hard and throw with full power, he’ll need to get Jake out within two or three rounds, or else he’ll gas out. In Mike Tyson’s final two fights against Kevin McBride and Danny Williams, he faded fast and was exhausted by the fourth round. Those fights took place in 2004 and 2005.

“I want to see your live reaction when Jake Paul gets knocked out. I don’t have no hate,” said Ryan. “I’ve let it go too long. He’s making a mockery out of boxing. He’s stealing so much money from these kids.

“I’ll give him credit. He is supporting a lot of fighters. I have respect for him. I’ve known him for years.”

Surprisingly, Paul has made so much money from boxing, considering they have no experience and haven’t fought top-tier opposition. Jake has been hustling fights against YouTubers, MMA fighters, and Tommy Fury. He’s yet to face anyone good.

Ryan’s Role in Jake Paul’s Boxing Journey

Ask him which house did he go to in Victorville to see how to box? Ask him that. I started him off. Who do you think took him to Canelo’s gym? Me,” said Ryan, revealing that he created the monster that Jake has become.

“I’m the one that started his career. Little did you know. I’m the one that gave him this idea that he could change and make money off it. I’m the one that did it. Why do you think I’m the one that said, ‘Dang, I shouldn’t have done this.’”

Jake Paul has reportedly made $42 million from his 10-fight boxing career, raking in the dough from his fights against the likes of Tommy Fury, Nate Diaz, Anderson Silva, Tyrone Woodley x 2, Ben Asken, Nate Robinson and AnEsonGib.

“I’m not trying to knock some other man’s hustle down. Let him do what he got to do, but one day, he’s got to see me. When I beat him, just say, ‘Ryan, you’re my favorite fighter,’” said Ryan.

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