Perfect NFL trade Falcons must complete in 2024 offseason

NFL teams are continuously exploring avenues to enhance their rosters and bolster their competitive edge. For the Atlanta Falcons, the 2024 NFL offseason stands as a pivotal moment to enact a daring maneuver that could redefine their trajectory. Following a lackluster 2023 season culminating in a 7-10 record and a playoff absence, all attention turns toward a prospective trade. The right deal can usher in a dynamic young quarterback and rejuvenate the Falcons’ aspirations.

The Falcons’ 2023 Season

The Atlanta Falcons concluded yet another season marred by mediocrity in 2023. Marking the third consecutive year finishing at 7-10, the campaign spelled the end for head coach Arthur Smith. Sure, the rushing tandem of Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier exhibited prowess. However, the offense was hampered by a lackluster quarterback performance. The team ultimately fell short, averaging 32 fewer yards per game compared to 2022. As such, Atlanta failed to position itself as a serious playoff contender.

Defensively, the Falcons displayed solidity, yet its turnover creation ranked among the lowest in the NFL. Coupled with 28 giveaways, the Falcons closed the season with the league’s second-worst turnover margin. As the offseason unfolds, the NFL Draft and free agency loom large for Atlanta. That said, the prospect of trade acquisitions remains equally significant.

Taylor Heinicke and Arthur Smith for the Falcons, Christmas themed

The Falcons’ Offseason Outlook

With new head coach Raheem Morris set to helm the Falcons in 2024, perceptions regarding quarterback Desmond Ridder may transform. Nonetheless, Ridder’s performance over two seasons fails to cement his status as Atlanta’s long-term solution under center.

We believe the Falcons should opt for change. As such, Ridder could become an enticing prospect for teams seeking to invest in the 2022 third-round pick. Additionally, tight end Jonnu Smith and safety Richie Grant, both entering the final year of their contracts, present compelling trade assets. Balancing the long-term retention of Smith and tight end Kyle Pitts against financial considerations, trading Grant could unlock $1.8 million in cap space. This renders both players viable trade chips in the forthcoming offseason. Aside from those, the Falcons also hold seven draft picks this year. Any of those could be considered tradable, too.

Here we will look at the perfect trade that the Atlanta Falcons must complete during this year’s 2024 NFL offseason.

Falcons get: QB Justin Fields
Bears get: 2024 and 2025 draft picks

As the Falcons embark on their quest for stability at the quarterback position, the prospect of acquiring Justin Fields from the Chicago Bears emerges as a compelling opportunity. With the Bears poised to explore alternative options, Fields becomes an attractive target for the Falcons. Remember that the Bears will potentially opt for a rookie quarterback with the first pick.

Keep in mind that Fields’ dual-threat capabilities align seamlessly with Atlanta’s offensive arsenal. The Falcons brim with dynamic playmakers at various skill positions. Alternatively, the Falcons could consider maneuvering to secure a top-tier quarterback prospect in the draft, such as Caleb Williams or Drake Maye. Fields, however, could be a safer choice.

Imagine Fields orchestrating the offense alongside talents like Pitts, Drake London, Allgeier, and Robinson. This evokes excitement among the Falcons faithful. Consider as well Fields’ contractual situation. He has two years remaining on his rookie deal, including a fifth-year option. This means a package comprising a couple of Day 2 draft picks could facilitate the trade.

Furthermore, Atlanta’s acquisition of two 2024 second-rounders, contingent upon Calvin Ridley’s contract extension with the Jacksonville Jaguars, enhances the team’s bargaining power. The evaluation of Fields by Morris will undoubtedly shape the trade dynamics. However, among potential trade targets, Fields emerges as a pragmatic choice for the Falcons. At just 24 years old, he should surpass alternatives like Russell Wilson.

This hypothetical trade scenario enables the Falcons to retain their eighth overall pick in the 2024 draft. This selection could be leveraged to secure a high-caliber secondary receiver to complement London. Sure, prospects like Marvin Harrison Jr may be beyond reach. However, talents like Malik Nabers from LSU or Rome Odunze from Washington remain viable options for the Falcons.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields (1) runs onto the field prior to the game against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field
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Strategic Fit

Despite encountering challenges in consistency, Fields boasts remarkable talent. This includes arm strength, accuracy, and elite mobility. While he navigates the nuances of the game, Atlanta emerges as a suitable destination for Fields to realize his potential. Presently, Ridder serves as the Falcons’ quarterback, yet his inaugural season as a starter yielded mixed results.

Although Atlanta possesses the eighth overall pick, top prospects like Williams and Maye may elude their grasp. Again, this leaves uncertainty regarding their quarterback selection. In such a scenario, investing in Fields for a transitional period represents a prudent strategy. Furthermore, if Fields fails to meet expectations, Atlanta’s anticipated high draft position in 2025 positions them favorably to secure their long-term quarterback solution.

Reports suggest that other franchises express interest in Fields, albeit tempered by his underwhelming performance. Consequently, the acquisition cost for Fields remains modest. For the Falcons, this calculated gamble presents an opportunity with substantial potential returns. It also aligns with their aspirations for success in 2024.

Looking Ahead

As the Atlanta Falcons navigate through the challenges of the 2024 offseason, executing a trade for Justin Fields could be a transformative move. It might propel them back into playoff contention and reinvigorate their fan base. With strategic planning, bold decision-making, and a clear vision for the future, the Falcons have an opportunity to reshape their destiny. The right deal can help build a competitive team capable of making waves in the 2024 NFL season.

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