Patriots Fans Might Not Love Shift In Jayden Daniels’ Draft Odds

There will be a lot of chatter about what the Patriots will do with the No. 3 pick a month ahead of the 2024 NFL Draft, but New England fans will have their eyes on what the Commanders do with the second overall pick.

The Chicago Bears are expected to take Caleb Williams with the first overall pick, and it is expected quarterbacks will be taken with the first three picks in the draft. That leaves Jayden Daniels and Drake Maye for Washington.

Maye frequently was linked to the Commanders in mock drafts, but the narrative shifted as NFL pundits saw more of Daniels’ tape, and he’s gained momentum as arguably the best quarterback in the draft class. Reports heading into the legal tampering period this week still link Maye to Washington, but bettors went in a different direction.

Daniels became the favorite to be the No. 2 pick at -150 at FanDuel Sportsbook after the second day of the legal tampering period. Maye’s odds grew to +130 to go second overall, and the UNC product’s odds to go third overall to the Patriots shortened to +105. Daniels went to +180 to be taken with the No. 3 pick.

For any Patriots fans who are supporters of the Heisman Trophy winner, it’s important not to panic and understand these odds will continue to move up to draft day and even until the pick is in. These prices shift based on betting action a sportsbook gets and not that anyone has inside information.

The Commanders reportedly agreed to a deal with Marcus Mariota, which could be interpreted multiple ways on their direction for the No. 2 pick. However, similar to New England reportedly agreeing to a deal with Jacoby Brissett, it does seem like both teams won’t trade down and will draft their QBs of the future.

Maye already is facing questions regarding whether or not he should sit his first season, and it’s a reality the Patriots could face if these draft odds prove to be accurate next month.

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