Padraig Harrington’s bold claim will fire up golf “weekend warrior”

Padraig Harrington has long since been a fan favorite among golf fans. His likable demeanor paired with his accomplished play over the years saw to that.

But as he has gotten older, Harrington has impressively kept up with the times. He is very active on social media, consistently posting drill videos and giving fans tips on how to improve their game.

This week, he is in Newport Beach, CA for the Hoag Classic, a routine stop on PGA Tour Champions.

Prior to the event kicking off, he met with the media and detailed why he does what he does.

“I’ve always liked coaching… I actually really like playing my pro-am’s and giving a few tips out there,” Harrington said.

“I think I should be able to get every golfer in the whole wide world to a single figure handicap,” he said sternly. “I think that’s a reasonable goal.”

You can tell from the look on his face that the media members around him were in disbelief. After all, that’s quite the claim to make.

But he even laid out why it is achievable.

“It’s hard to be a scratch golfer. To get to nine, it’s not that hard. When I say it’s not that hard, there are some simple things you can do that can get there. That’s what my videos are mainly focused on.

“I’m really just trying to help the weekend warrior get to a level where if you are a single-figure golfer, you can walk into any clubhouse with your chest expanded.”

What started out as a hobby to keep him busy during COVID has turned into an everyday part of life. Harrington now has over a quarter million followers on X and 131,000 on YouTube.

He tackled everything from the relationship from your hands to your body during a downswing, to improving swing speed.

A novice golfer could do far worse than take the advice from the two-time Open champion. I know I certainly have. Even though I’m not a single handicap yet, I feel my game improving.

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