NSYNC’s epic reunion at Justin Timberlake’s ‘One Night Only’ show

It finally happened — after rumors and teases galore, NSYNC reunited to perform live with Justin Timberlake at his One Night Only LA show.

More than ten years since they said bye bye bye to live performances together, NSYNC finally reunited to perform live as a band in Justin Timberlake’s aptly named “One Night Only” show in Los Angeles.

The prospect was long-in-the-works and has been teased for sometime by Justin Timberlake in interviews and through social media. NSYNC’s appearance together at the 2023 MTV VMAs, coupled with the band’s release of a new song on the Trolls Band Together soundtrack, set expectations soaring for something bigger.

Finally, JT and NSYNC delivered — about halfway through Timberlake’s one-night-only concert at LA’s landmark venue The Wiltern. The move was clearly timed to hype the release of Timberlake’s sixth studio album, Everything I Thought It Was, which drops on Friday.

But this was pretty special in and of itself, especially for the diehard NSYNC fans that made up much of the audience. Looks like pretty much everyone took out their cell phones to capture the historic reunion, and fan videos are coming fast and furious on social media.

After Timberlake played pretty much all of his big solo hits, his accompanying DJ Andrew Hypes started playing the bars to NSYNC’s massive hit Gone from 2000’s Celebrity album, and to the audience’s (shrieking-filled) surprise, the curtains on stage rose to reveal Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, and JC Chasez — Timberlake’s four other band mates from NSYNC.

After Gone, they played other fan-favorites like Girlfriend, Bye Bye Bye, and It’s Gonna Be Me. Finally, as reported by Billboard in attendance at the show, they unveiled a new song together that they wrote for Timberlake’s new album.

“So we did those,” JC Chasez said of the familiar favorites they’d played thus far. “But you have an album coming out tomorrow. And on that album, there’s a song…”

“… By NSYNC,” Timberlake added to complete the thought.

“We’ve practiced the song,” continued Chasez.

Timberlake then beckoned the audience, “Y’all wanna hear the new song?”

They then proceeded to unveil the new track, entitled Paradise, which featured plenty of apropos lyrics for the occasion, such as: “Cause I waited/ I’ve been waiting forever/ Right here for this moment/ Between you and I/ Everything has happened/ It’s just what I imagined/ Imagined it would feel like/ Paradise.”

After that song, Justin Timberlake embraced his bandmates, telling them “I love you guys so much” and the other four NSYNC members made their way off stage. It was paradise indeed for NSYNC fans. Now the only question that remains is whether the reunion was really just for one-night-only, or if it’s the start of bigger things to come for the legendary boy friend.

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