Mike Tyson’s Matchup With Jake Paul Draws Criticism Due To Boxing Legend’s Age

On Saturday night July 20th at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, streaming live on Netflix, an intriguing boxing event will take place, as former two-time world heavyweight champion Iron Mike Tyson will take on the famous YouTuber turn professional boxer, Jake “The Problem Child” Paul.

When the surprise announcement was made, fight fans were in a state of shock, and after the initial shock wore off, the Tyson vs Paul announcement started receiving a great deal of criticism. The name Mike Tyson is iconic, but at the age of 57, the 2024 Mike Tyson is a watered down version of what he used to be.

Many fight fans are wondering, why is Mike Tyson getting into the ring to participate in this type of event? Others are asking, if Jake Paul is taking boxing seriously, why is he fighting a retired boxer who’s 30 years his senior?

Both questions share a simple one-word answer, and that magic word is money. A Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul clash is an automatic money maker, but despite the potential earning power of the event, some fight fans can’t get around the fact that when the bout actually takes place, Mike Tyson will be 58 years old.

The boxing match is being advertised as an event, so maybe Tyson and Paul have an agreement in regards to participating in a light sparring session. If it turns out to be an actual boxing match, then it could be problematic for Mike Tyson.

Fans of Iron Mike have mixed emotions, as some are stuck on the notion that the boxing legend will be victorious even at his advanced age, because after all, he is Mike Tyson. On the other side of Tyson’s fanbase are people who feel skeptical due to the polarizing number 57.

During the tail end of his boxing career, Mike Tyson suffered knockout losses in his final two bouts. Back in July 2004, Tyson was stopped by Danny Williams in the 4th round, and approximately one year later, he was stopped by Kevin McBride in the sixth round.

In the final two fights of his career, Tyson had issues with stamina. He would deliver a ferocious offensive attack during the first three rounds, but when his opponent was able weather the storm, fatigue would settle in as Tyson would go on to face extreme difficulties.

Nineteen years later, the legendary Iron Mike Tyson is scheduled to face Jake Paul. If his bout with Paul transitions from an event to a boxing match, fatigue will become an issue if Paul is able to survive Tyson’s initial attack.

Along with age and stamina issues, Mike Tyson’s health status also raises concerns. Disturbing photos of Mike Tyson walking with a cane and using a wheelchair at an airport are circulating on social media.

Back in August 2022, Mike Tyson made a guest appearance on Newsmax, and during the interview with host Greta Van Susteren, the former heavyweight champion addressed the much talked about photos. Tyson admitted he suffers from Sciatica, a nerve-impacting condition causing pain in the lower back and leg.

“I have Sciatica. Every now and then, it flares up, and when it flares up, I can’t even talk,” Tyson said. “Thank God, it’s the only problem I have.”

On Saturday night, July 20th, Mike Tyson’s problem inside the ring will be the 27-year-old Jake Paul. Even though some will label him as a novice boxer, Paul has made drastic progress. His technique is much better, he’s developed a jab, his shot placement has improved, and he throws a vicious right hand.

Paul is younger, faster, and quicker then the former heavyweight world champion, and that’s why the early odds have Jake Paul as the heavy favorite. Some longtime fans of Mike Tyson fear Jake Paul will defeat the boxing legend by way of knockout.

This is a dangerous fight for Mike Tyson, but it’s also a dangerous matchup for Jake Paul. Tyson is much older, but he’s also a seasoned veteran. In addition to experience, Iron Mike has lost some speed and quickness, but he still has devastating knockout power.

As stated earlier, Jake Paul is the betting favorite based on this fight going passed four rounds. After four rounds, Tyson should begin to wear down, and at that point, Paul can take over the fight.

The question is, in a legitimate boxing match, is Jake Paul experienced enough to survive Mike Tyson’s intense early aggression?

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