Manchester City’s Erling Haaland gets harshly criticized by William Gallas

Manchester City star Erling Haaland is facing criticism from William Gallas, who believes the striker’s performance has dipped

Manchester City star Erling Haaland is facing criticism from former footballer William Gallas, who believes the striker’s performance has dipped this season compared to his stellar debut campaign, reported by GOAL. Despite an impressive tally of 29 goals in 33 matches, Gallas feels Haaland’s style of play has changed, with a perceived lack of the intensity and physicality that characterized his game last year in the Premier League.

Gallas remarked, “I don’t think Erling Haaland looks the same. His game, the way he makes runs, his desire, it’s not the same as the all-conquering Haaland we saw at Manchester City last year.” ex-Arsenal and France star Gallas told Genting Casino. “Last season, he was running and fighting for every ball – he tired defenders out because he put them under so much pressure with his physicality. Defenders were always on their toes around him.

“He’s come back from his injury and his football has changed. Is he still trying to get up to speed after the injury? Maybe. Something about Erling Haaland is very different this year. If you compare him to last season, his debut in the Premier League, his physical play was completely different. He was fighting. He was holding the ball.”

Comparing Haaland’s current performances to his debut season, where he scored a remarkable 52 goals in 53 games, Gallas noted a distinct difference in the striker’s approach. He emphasized Haaland’s reduced physicality and suggested that the player may still be adjusting after returning from injury.

Despite recent criticisms, Haaland has showcased his goal-scoring prowess with seven goals in his last four matches. However, Gallas believes there is room for improvement, particularly in terms of Haaland’s energy levels and ability to assert himself physically against defenders.

Looking ahead, Erling Haaland will aim to silence his critics with a strong performance in Manchester City’s upcoming FA Cup quarter-final against Newcastle. As one of the most prolific strikers in the game, Haaland will be eager to rediscover his top form and lead his team to victory on the pitch.

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