Kristin Cavallari Reveals How She Met 24-Year-Old Boyfriend Mark Estes

This meet-cute is no longer unwritten. 

In fact, Kristin Cavallari is speaking the words on how she and her new boyfriend Mark Estes first met. And like the beginning of many an internet crush, it began on TikTok. 

“Back in like September, I’m scrolling and I come across this boy group, I guess you could call them, The Montana Boyz,” Kristin said during the March 12 episode of her Let’s Be Honest podcast. “So I go, ‘Holy s–t, who are these guys? because they’re so hot. Specifically this one, who I’m gonna refer to as ‘Montana.'”

She then sent the video to her friend, and episode guest, Justin Anderson, noting the two agreed Mark was “the hottest guy we’ve ever seen.”

Beyond being physically attracted to the “perfect” 24-year-old, Kristin, 37, added, “He’s also outdoorsy and manly, and it’s like that combination of the two for me.”

But what began as an internet crush soon turned into something with potential when Kristin received a direct message from the Montana Boyz’ account that said, “I love you.” And because she has “no chill,” the Hills alum immediately invited the content creators on her podcast.

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