Kristen Stewart Says ‘Happiest Season’ Role Was A Nightmare Of Notes

Kristen Stewart is saying her Happiest Season, the lesbian rom-com touted as the first of its kind by a major Hollywood studio, was a disaster.

“The identity was beaten out of my goals there,” Stewart said in an interview with Them magazine. “I was getting so many studio executive notes about my hair and my clothes. I was like, ‘You did read the script. You did hire me. What are we doing here?’ It was fucking annoying.”

The issue was apparently the studio’s attempt to make the film more broadly appealing.

The studio executives needed to “shroud things for everyone to easily digest.” While Stewart said she’s “down with that,” director Clea Duvall bore the brunt of the changes. “Hats fucking hats off to Clea, because I don’t have the patience [for] that.”

Stewart’s latest, Love Lies Bleeding, is “pretty fucking sick,” in her words, which indicates approval of its sapphic stylings.

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