Kristen Stewart in Cable-Knit Underwear Is Truly An ‘Only in 2024’ Fashion Moment

I can’t quite wrap my brain around Kristen Stewart’s latest look, honestly. The Love Lies Bleeding star just stepped out in cable-knit underwear, which seems both impractical and very cozy. Bizarre but comfy?

Stewart’s stylist, Tara Swennen, paired the creamy cashmere garment, which is hemmed in brown, with a pretty silk button-down, buttoned at the collar only, and a nude bra. Stewart wore her shaggy hair tossed to the side and accessorised with dark rimless sunglasses, high patent leather heels, and a boxy handbag. For extra support (and, presumably, warmth), she wore pantyhose underneath. The overall effect says quiet luxury… but make it confusing?


It’s an interesting lesson in “street style” versus “fashion style,” in that if Stewart were dressed this way in a photo shoot or walking down a runway, I probably wouldn’t think twice, but in the context of New York City, or real life, it strikes a gal as… something!

Raymond Hall

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