Kourtney Kardashian shares rare glimpse of intimate life with four-month old Rocky Thirteen Barker

Kourtney Kardashian offered her fans a personal and intimate look into her life as a new mother with a captivating Instagram post that included snapshots of her four-month-old son, Rocky Thirteen, and moments from her day-to-day life. 

The 44-year-old reality star, known for her role on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, shared a variety of images ranging from family walks with her husband, Travis Barker, and their son, to a bold photo of herself pumping breast milk while donned in a black lace bodysuit and kitten heels.

Embracing the duality of glamour and motherhood, Kourtney captioned her post with a simple yet profound statement, “That’s life.”

Kourtney shares intimate glimpse of her life as a mom© Instagram
Kourtney shares intimate glimpse of her life as a mom

Her slideshow captured the essence of her current world, from soaking in quality time with her family to showcasing her fashion-forward style in black Christian Louboutin heels. 

Among the personal photographs, a tender image stood out: Rocky’s hand gently holding the chain necklace around Travis’s neck, symbolizing the close bond between father and son.

Kourtney and Travis walking baby Rocky in his pram© Instagram
Kourtney and Travis walking baby Rocky in his pram

Kourtney’s Instagram also featured a glimpse into a romantic gesture, with a photograph of her staircase adorned with red roses on each step, hinting at a Valentine’s Day celebration. This collection of moments from the past month paints a vivid picture of Kourtney’s life as a mother, wife, and public figure.

The post drew a wave of support and admiration from her followers, with many praising Kourtney for sharing a snapshot that depicted a ‘real mum body.’ 

Baby Rocky sleeps his in pram© Instagram
Baby Rocky sleeps his in pram

Fans expressed their love and appreciation for her openness, with comments like “Love your pump shot!” and inquiries that celebrated the normalization of breastfeeding, asking, “Who says pumping can’t be sexy?”

Even her sister, Khloé Kardashian, joined in the chorus of support, proudly commenting, “That’s my sister!!!” under the slideshow. 

While some questioned the public sharing of such a private moment, the majority of Kourtney’s audience applauded her for normalizing breastfeeding, arguing that “it’s a normal mom thing.”

Baby Rocky clings onto his dad's chain© Instagram
Baby Rocky clings onto his dad’s chain

Amidst the conversation, Kourtney has been proactive in sharing her postpartum journey, offering tips on everything from clothing and hair care to makeup and breastfeeding.

 In a candid revelation, she shared her go-to postpartum attire, emphasizing comfort and convenience.

 “Getting dressed postpartum while breastfeeding [equals] throwing on an oversized coat, flat shoes pretty much always,” Kourtney advised, adding, “[I love] leggings, sweats – anything baggy and comfortable aka husband’s vintage T-shirts and Dickies. Anything super fast to throw on. [The] less time away from my baby the better.”

Her beauty routine has been simplified to a mere two-minute process, incorporating products like Kylie Jenner’s ‘High Gloss’ lip gloss and the ‘Revealer’ concealer by Kosas, alongside essentials like a lash curler, mascara, and an eyebrow brush. 

Kourtney’s approach to hair care is equally laid-back, letting her hair air dry naturally, embracing the texture changes post-pregnancy.

kourtney kardashian travis barker first photo son rocky© Instagram
Travis and Kourtney did not reveal their son’s face

Addressing postpartum hair loss, a concern for many new mothers, Kourtney shared her personal regimen, which includes a supplement from her own brand. “So I took @lemme mama during my pregnancy and still take it daily postpartum and I haven’t noticed hair loss this time so far,” she explained, highlighting the benefits of a well-rounded supplement routine.

In addition to personal care tips, Kourtney also shared insights into her diet and nutrition, specifically tailored to support breastfeeding. 

Based on recommendations from her nutritionist, Leona West Fox, she provided a list of foods believed to enhance breast milk supply, further showcasing her commitment to a healthy postpartum recovery and nurturing her child.

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