Katie Britt Claims People Mocking Her Deranged State of the Union Response “Can’t Handle the Truth”

As you’ve probably heard by now, last Thursday Katie Britt, the junior senator from Alabama, delivered a State of the Union response that has been described, by Republicans, as a “disaster,” “parody-level terrible,” and “the stuff of nightmares.” Given the deafening bipartisan reaction, one might have expected Britt to consider the feedback, look inward, and try to evaluate where things went wrong. But one would expect wrong! Instead, Britt has lashed out at her detractors—a group that, again, includes members of her own party—and insisted they just don’t get it. Because they hate America.

In a fundraising email sent this week, Britt told supporters: “Following my speech, the left-wing media didn’t waste a second flooding the airwaves with despicable, disgusting messages about me. They attacked my character. They attacked my faith. They attacked my identity as a mother and a wife.” Conveniently, Britt did not address the fact that her speech included a massive deception about a sex-trafficking victim who the senator claimed had been brutally raped as a result of Joe Biden’s border policies, when the ordeal actually took place when George W. Bush was president. Instead, Britt pivoted to why criticisms of her are actually attacks on America.

“My heart is broken,” she said. “Not just for myself, but for my children, your children and the ENTIRE next generation of Americans. Why? Because I didn’t prepare a 20-minute speech and stand up to Biden in front of millions of Americans for ME. I did it for them, for YOU and your children, Friend!” Then she pulled a Donald Trump and tried to argue that people should be deeply concerned about what happened to her because it’s also happening to them even though that’s not at all what’s happening. “Friend, they’re not just laughing at me,” she wrote. “They’re laughing at every single American who dares to stand up to their radical agenda. Every patriot who fights to defend their American dream.” And, according to Britt, her detractors aren’t laughing because the vibes of her performance gave off “low budget horror movie” but because “they can’t handle the truth.”

Naturally, the email then pivoted to why people should send Britt money, linking readers to her campaign donation site where they were asked to “chip in” to “Help…send a STRONG message to the Democrats and the media that we won’t stand for their arrogance and ignorance.”

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