Jonathan Brown’s wife, Kylie, shares staggering health update after life-changing surgery

The wife of AFL great Jonathan Brown, Kylie, has taken to social media to share an incredible health update.

Kylie Brown has had a long-running health battle with a condition called endometriosis (where cells grow outside the uterus).

To raise awareness about the condition, she has run multiple marathons and set up an Instagram page called Endo Runner.

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Now, after trying new medication for 15 days — which caused her more pain — and going through surgery No.11, Kylie has now revealed that it was her right ovary that was causing her some serious grief.

Brown posted a video of herself after her surgery, showing the scars of the operation and, unashamedly, the nappy she has to wear in the aftermath after going through some “bowel prep”.

“After trying a new medication for 15 days my surgeon and I decided to stop as it wasn’t the right one for me. We talked about other options to try before taking my ovary out, but I know my body so well and I knew I shouldn’t be having the pain I’ve had in the past 12-plus months,” she wrote.

Jonathan and Kylie share a moment at the hospital. Credit: Instagram

“Yesterday on the 5th of March I had a laparoscopy to see if we could find the source of the pain.

“I was right! My ovary that had been stitched 12 months earlier as it was kinda dangling around in my pelvis and would twist and turn a lot. When they looked at the ovary, it was completely stuck. The right ovary has now been removed. 🙌🏼”

Not only that, the surgery also revealed that the endometriosis had finally gone.

“The best part of this surgery is that I didn’t have any Endo AT ALL!!! 😭” she said.

“I had said that if there was any Endo, it would be very minimal and I wouldn’t have opted for surgery if it hadn’t been for the chronic pain I have been experiencing on my right side. It would get to the point where I could barely walk, stand up or sit down for too long. “

Brown was thankful to the “amazing” staff at the hospital who were “so caring and kind”.

“My surgeon was holding my hand and reassuring me that we will get this sorted and make my life better🥹,” she said

“I got to request a song for when I was wheeled into theatre, I chose Are You Ready For It?” noting that she is a Taylor Swift fan.

“We were singing, dancing (well as much as I could while laying on the operating table) and laughing. Then I drifted off to sleep. It was like a pre-op concert 👯‍♀️ 🎤 the BEST!”

Now she says she is ready to get her life back on track.

“Knowing we found the reason for the pain is such a weight off my shoulders and I need to repeat, there was NO ENDO anywhere, which also means that my previous surgery was done correctly and all the disease was removed 🙌🏼🥹😭,” she said.

“Look out my friends KB is back 👊🏼”

She said the reason she didn’t share the lead-up to the operation in “live time” was because she had started to doubt herself and wondered if the “the pain all in my head”.

“Was it just stress? Or really not that bad? … It happens every time but trust your body, you know it better than anyone,” she said.

Kylie and Jonathan have three children.

Last year when speaking about endometriosis, she revealed she had been dealing with “this relentless disease for 27 years”.

Jonathan Brown, who is now a radio star and commentator, is a Brisbane Lions champion.

Last year he said: “I’m so proud of Kyles for doing what she does and bringing attention to it for girls who suffer from it. The common misconception is that childbirth kills it. Kyles is battling a bit but she’s recovering and it’s been handy to be at home.”

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