Jeff Fenech in hospital fighting mystery disease as surgery looms for Australian boxing legend

Jeff Fenech is fearing another operation on his heart after being hospitalised on Tuesday with a mystery infection.

The Australian boxing legend shared an update on his condition from his hospital bed on Wednesday, prompting an outpouring of support from fans.

But the 59-year-old is unsure of his next steps with more tests to come.

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“Hey all you people out there. I just want to say sorry if I haven’t wished you a happy birthday or missed something that I always do,” Fenech said.

“I’m pretty sick at the moment, in hospital fighting a disease, I really don’t know what I’ve got yet.

“Going through numerous tests and hopefully I’ll be better soon and be able to communicate with all the people who have supported me throughout my career. Love you all, thank you.”

Fenech offered more concerning details on his condition in a separate update on Wednesday.

He said he had recorded high temperatures for 12 straight days, with an infected and swollen wrist pointing doctors towards a possible heart issue.

Jeff Fenech remains active in the Australian boxing community. Credit: AAP

“I feel s***house. I’m as sick as a dog. I have a mystery infection. I’m sick of it,” he told News Corp.

“They think it has something to do with my heart and valves. They have done heaps of tests. I don’t yet know what the results are.

“I hope I don’t need surgery but I don’t know. I hope not, I hope not.

“If you see my wrist you’d die, it’s massive. It’s red, inflamed, swollen and sore.

“Of course I’m worried, of course I am. I don’t want another operation. F*** that.”

The former world champion underwent life-saving surgery in 2019 after a lung infection spread to his heart.

He was in Thailand for a training camp when his health worsened.

Doctors were left with no option but to perform a risky six-hour operation to repair the infected valve.

“I’ve got some pretty bad news, I’ve got an infected valve that’s connected to my heart,” an emotional Fenech said in a video by Boxing Epicentre.

“Which means over the next few days they’ll try to get rid of the infection and then I’ll have to have surgery.”

Fenech was said to be devastated that he would not be able to walk his daughter Jess down the aisle at her wedding in the weeks after his surgery.

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