Finding Noel With Scott Foley and Evan Ross Katz (Episodes 103-106)

Juliet and Greg cover Episodes 103-106, reliving both iconic and iconically uncomfortable moments from Felicity’s first weeks at college. Those moments include the time Felicity’s tape to Sally played at the dorm party (cringe), and Felicity and Noel’s kiss after a particularly intense game of Boggle. Then, Juliet and Greg are joined by Scott Foley to talk about how he nearly played Ben before ultimately getting the role of Noel, working as an actor on Warner Bros. shows, and how playing Noel impacted his career. Finally, Juliet is joined by cultural critic Evan Ross Katz to contextualize Felicity among the broader WB canon and discuss how many of these shows were ahead of their time.

Next time: 107-108. Watch on Hulu.

Hosts: Amanda Foreman, Greg Grunberg, and Juliet Litman
Executive Producers: JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves
For Bad Robot Audio: Executive Producer Christina Choi, Producer Shaka Tafari
For The Ringer: Executive Producer Sean Fennessey, Executive Producer Juliet Litman, Senior Producer Kaya McMullen, Producer Erika Cervantes
Original Music: Eric Phillips
Sound Design: Kaya McMullen
Mixing and Mastering: Scott Somerville

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