Felicity’s Beginnings With J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Keri Russell

“Dear Sally, … Three years ago, I held a pint of Ben Covington’s blood.” That’s how Felicity began, but the story of the show begins long before that. Juliet, Greg, and Mandy talk about the earliest days of Season 1, the biggest moments from Episodes 101 and 102, and what makes the pilot episode so memorable. Then, Keri Russell, J.J. Abrams, Matt Reeves, and Scott Speedman join to talk about their experiences getting Felicity off the ground.

Next time: Episodes 103-106. Watch on Hulu.

Juliet, Greg, and Mandy read some of the early reviews of Season 1 of Felicity. Next, Juliet and Mandy are joined by Keri Russell to talk about how being on the show launched her career and what lessons she took away from embodying the character of Felicity. Then, we hear more from the time that Mandy, Keri, and Scott Speedman were in New York together. They talk about the friendships they built on the show and how, in many ways, their time on the show was like college.

Next time: Episodes 103-106. Watch on Hulu.

Hosts: Amanda Foreman, Greg Grunberg, and Juliet Litman
Executive Producers: JJ Abrams and Matt Reeves
For Bad Robot Audio: Executive Producer Christina Choi, Producer Shaka Tafari
For The Ringer: Executive Producer Sean Fennessey, Executive Producer Juliet Litman,
Senior Producer Kaya McMullen, Producer Erika Cervantes
Original Music: Eric Phillips
Sound Design: Kaya McMullen
Mixing and Mastering: Scott Somerville

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