Even John Cena tried to warn Trick Williams about Carmelo Hayes

Even Cena knew Melo was bad news.

After making his surprise return to NXT to attack Carmelo Hayes at the end of his Roadblock match against Tony D’Angelo with an NXT Championship shot on the line, Trick Williams was finally afforded a chance to address the WWE Universe and explain his side of what went down during the final act of the Trick and Melo Gang.

Did Trick Willie ever actually see Melo’s betrayal? Or did his loyalty to Williams blind him from the truth, even if some top-tier talents told him that “Him” was bad news? Fans didn’t have to wait long to find out, and Williams cut into just about everything over the final segment of NXT and needless to say, it was a doozy.

“Now usually, I come out here, I step in this ring, I grab my microphone, and I do my thing. But today, I’m struggling to find the words to say what I really need to say. I’m not gonna lie, man, I’m p*ssed off. I feel angry, I feel betrayed, family means something to me. When I say you’re my brother, that means I’ve got your back. When I say you’re my brother, that means I take food off of my plate to make sure you eat too. And that’s what I did for two years, Melo, I had your back. For two years, I watched you succeed, I watched you get every single accolade NXT has to offer with a smile on my face because that’s what brothers do,” Trick Williams told the NXT crowd in Orlando.

“Melo, why? I’m not gonna lie, Melo, watching you succeed made me want to step up my game. It made me put that extra work in. I went to Shawn Michaels’ office and asked him, ‘What do I have to do to take my game to the next level? And Melo, you said, yes, you said, you were happy for me. I had no idea what was on the other side of me taking a chance on myself, but that’s when Trick Willie was born. I saw it, the fans saw it, Melo, you saw it too. Melo, I wanted you to be happy for me the same way that I was happy for you but that’s when I hear the whispers. People saying, ‘Melo ain’t really happy for you. Melo’s making faces after your victories.’ Nah man, I don’t believe that. Then John Cena told me himself, John Cena said, ‘Trick, Melo’s hating on you.’ And I said, ‘Nah man, Melo’s my boy, Trick Melo Gang is always gonna be here.’”

Goodness Trick: if John Cena, of all people, tells you that someone is bad news and about to betray you, why wouldn’t you listen to him? Regardless, Williams has clearly learned his lesson and now wants nothing more than to ensure that, much like Highlander, there can only be one member of Trick Melo Gang who comes out on top at the end of Stand and Deliver.

Trick Williams believes Carmelo Hayes was never on his level, literally.

Continuing his expansive promo, Trick Williams turned his attention from what happened to what’s going to happen, namely chopping Carmelo Hayes down to size – which shouldn’t be hard, since he’s very short – on the way to proving he’s best performer in the promotion.

“And Melo, that’s when I had to come see you face to face, and I asked you, ‘Melo, did you attack me?’ And you looked me in the eyes, and you lied to my face. Come to think about it, you’ve been lying for a long time. You lied about attacking me, you lied about Ilja Dragunov, and the part that hurts the most is, you lied about being my brother. But it’s cool, after all of those lies, you found one time to tell the truth. You told the truth about one thing, Melo, you stepped in this ring and you told everybody the reason why you did what you did is because we’re not on the same level,” Trick Williams explained.

“And I have to agree with you, Melo, we’re not on the same level. We’ve never been on the same level. I don’t care if you put on some Timberland boots, you’re on a step stool with a Ludicris afro, you’ll still never be on the same level as Trick Williams with your little punk a**. Melo, I had your back and you stabbed me in mine. So this is how we’re gonna do it, at Stand and Deliver, we’re gonna have a match and I’m gonna pay you back for everything that you did to me and I’m gonna put mo’ on it. And I guarantee the whole crowd gonna be chanting ‘Whoop that Trick!’”

While this wasn’t technically the end of the segment, as MetaFour came out at the end to challenge Trick and Williams ended up kissing Lash Legend in a very strange segment, in the end, the former North American Champion’s words are all that really matter, as he’s going to get revenge on Melo in Philadelphia and it’s going to be sweet.

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