Did Emma Stone Call Jimmy Kimmel A ‘Prick’ After This Oscars Joke??

Emma Stone had a great night at the Oscars. But it wasn’t perfect… It seems she wasn’t a fan of one particular joke told by host Jimmy Kimmel.

Each of the 1o nominees for Best Picture got a brief introduction throughout the ceremony, showing some brief clips in a video package — not unlike a teaser trailer. After the intro for Poor Things, Kimmel returned to the stage and quipped:

“Those were all the parts of Poor Things we’re allowed to show on TV.”

The joke was a reference to the amount of sex and nudity in the film, admittedly pretty high for a Best Picture nominee.

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Well, the movie is close to Emma’s heart, as she’s mentioned many times this award season — and she was not a fan of the insinuation the film was lurid or obscene. After the joke, the cameras cut to her in the front row, and she turned to hubby Dave McCary and said… something. That’s where it gets tricky. We’re seeing a lot of folks online seem to think she went hard at Kimmel, saying:

“He’s a prick.”

Damn! Watch the moment for yourself!

Hmm. We definitely think she wasn’t happy with the joke. But did she call him a bad name? Was it jeering the joke with something like, “Bulls**t”?? We’ve also seen folks guess she said, “Really?” And, “Oh my god.”

What do YOU think she said?

[Image via Oscars/ABC/YouTube.]

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