David and Victoria Beckham’s £12m Cotswolds mansion is the new ‘Beckingham Palace’ – here’s why

When you’re one of the world’s most famous couples, it’s only right that you have the property portfolio to match your high status. The Beckhams are fortunate enough to have more than one home under their belt, but David and Victoria Beckham’s country bolthole is the jewel in their showbiz-royalty crown.

The former professional footballer and the ex-Spice Girls singer spend a lot of time at their London townhouse, estimated to be worth £31 million, and they also have their swanky Miami apartment, worth $24 million. However, their Cotswold farmhouse, worth around £12 million is the ultimate palatial haven for the famous couple and their four children.

The home features many luxurious elements including generous living areas to relax in, a huge kitchen for whole family to cook up feasts, and acres of land to embrace the great outdoors.

Victoria and David Beckham at home in Cotswolds© Instagram
Victoria and David Beckham at home in the Cotswolds

At the height of ‘Posh and Becks’ mania, David and Victoria even gave their former home in Essex the moniker ‘Beckingham Palace’, but it seems their farmhouse in Chipping Norton is the real royal residence.

9 photos that prove the Beckham’s Cotswolds home is a palatial haven…

A dining area fit for royalty

David gets into the festive spirit© Instagram

The Beckhams have four children and are extremely close with their parents, siblings and nieces and nephews, too, so it makes sense that when hosting at their farmhouse, they have a dining room that can fit the whole family.

The dining room sits in the centre of one of the largest rooms in the converted barn. There’s a table that can fit plenty of people around it and is strategically placed next to the huge floor-to-ceiling window, allowing plenty of natural light to flood the room.

David and Victoria have also kitted out the dining area with plenty of interior choices that fit in perfectly with the country theme. There are roll-top armchairs, wooden cabinets and high beams on the ceilings, with plenty of exposed brick, giving the whole room a royal castle vibe.

At-home wellness retreat

David Beckham enjoying their plunge pool© Instagram

Why take a trip to the spa when you can take a trip outside to the garden? Both David and Victoria make no secret of the fact that they’re passionate about health and wellness.

David showed off that the couple are at the top of their wellness-at-home game when he shared a video of him enjoying the cold plunge in their garden.

From the photo, the outdoor wellness area looks super chic and straight out of a luxury hotel. 

We love the wooden panelled accents and plenty of foliage around the area, allowing them to immerse themselves in nature as they focus on their health.


The Beckham's have their own sauna at their country home© Instagram

And what’s a spa without a sauna? Not only have they got a plunge pool, they’ve got a fully fitted outdoor sauna, too. 

David proudly showed off the inside in this photo shared on Instagram and we couldn’t be more jealous.

Lounge of dreams

Victoria Beckham at their home in Cotswolds© Netflix

A few steps away from the huge dining table is a lounge area that looks so idyllic. In the Netflix docu-series, Beckham, Victoria was seen sitting on a gorgeous dark green Chesterfield sofa adorned with chequered cushions.

In front of the sofa sits an ottoman in the same design but in a red wine hue – stunning! 

We also love the armchair in grey which sits next to the sofa, proving that mismatched colours can have a fabulous effect.

Cosy vibes

David Beckham in their lounge © Netflix

There’s more than one area for the family to relax in, though. This snapshot shows David sitting in a darker lounge area with more of a cosy vibe. 

The space is away from the windows, meaning daylight doesn’t flood the room but instead, warm lighting and lamps add a comforting glow. There’s also a fireplace to add extra luxury.


The Beckhams at their home in the countryside© Instagram

This gorgeous family photo shows Beckhams in full country-bumpkin mode, flat caps, tweed and all. But in the background, we can get a sense of the huge driveway that leads to the farmhouse.

There are plenty of outdoor plant pots and we can also spot the iconic Cotswold stone which is present on the exterior as well as the interiors of the home.

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Kitchen envy

David and Victoria Beckham in their Cotswold home© Netflix

Jealous? Us? Never. We can’t get enough of looking at David and Victoria’s incredible kitchen which is no doubt the hub of their farmhouse.

Not only do they have plenty of worktop space, a massive island in the centre of the room, and a gorgeous navy and neutral colour palette, but there’s also a huge pizza oven sitting in the corner.

David is a keen chef and loves nothing more than whipping up a meal, particularly with his youngest, Harper.

The great outdoors

David Beckham pictured walking near his home in the country© Instagram

Another perk of living in the country is the sprawling land they have to enjoy. 

The Beckham’s farmhouse sits on acres of land – there’s even room for a football pitch and a safari-style tent for barbeques – and David loves nothing more than making the most of the land.

The former England Football Captain often posts pictures of his hikes, walking stick in hand. 

It’s no wonder that the family enjoy spending lots of time in the country embracing the nature that’s on their doorstep.


Al Fresco dining

Beckham's outdoor dining area© Instagram

Not only do they have a safari-style tent with an outdoor kitchen, the farmhouse offers plenty of outdoor patio space to utilise in the summer when the family want to enjoy some al fresco dining.

This snapshot from a video shows the exterior of the converted barn, which leads onto a pergola area with plenty of outdoor seating space around an outdoor table. 

The garden is full of lush green foliage, and they’ve even brought the inside out thanks to the wooden beams which hold up the pergola, with pretty outdoor lighting adding a touch of style.  

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