‘Daily Show’s Jon Stewart Calls Out The GOP’s Performative Patriotism

Donald Trump’s supporters are more patriotic than liberals in New York and California, right?

Jon Stewart used his latest weekly spot on The Daily Show to rail against the GOP’s “performative” patriotism, draped in American flags and referencing the constitution.

“If you want to love Trump, love him. Go to the rallies. Buy the sneakers. You want to give him absolute power. You want him to be the leader uber alles, you want them to have the right of kings, you do you, but stop framing it as patriotism because the one thing you cannot say is that Donald Trump following the tradition of the founders,” Stewart said. “He is advocating for complete and total presidential immunity, his words not mine. That is monarchy sh*t, and it’s your right to support it, but just do me a favor for historical accuracy. Next time you want to dress up at the rallies where the right f*cking color colored coats.”

Stewart opened his latest Comedy Central show with a segment about President Biden’s State of the Union address before quickly pivoting to the right’s idea that “real Americans” don’t live on the coasts.

He referenced Alabama Senator Katie Britt, who has been lampooned, including by Scarlett Johansson on SNL, pointing out her creepy smile. “It is just one more entry in the Republican mythology that they are the inheritors of the American revolutionary tradition. that they somehow are more Americany than non-Republican Americans,” he said.

Stewart, who pulled out copies of the Constitution, the Magna Carta and the Gap employee handbook during his 15-minute opening, pointed out that Democrats don’t hate America, they just hate “room temperature yoga”.

The Rosewater director highlighted Trump’s disdain for the first amendment as well as his interest in becoming a dictator, even if it’s only for one day as well as his interest in getting the military to shoot peaceful protestors.

The classic Stewart performance eschewed the bothsidesism of recent weeks and pulled out a full-throated take down of Trump and the MAGA movement, presumably from his other pocket.

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