Chuck Norris Shares Rare Video Boxing on His 84th Birthday

Chuck Norris’ latest video proves he is as energetic as ever at 84! The martial artist celebrated his milestone birthday by sharing a rare look at his life on Instagram.

In the clip, Chuck put on boxing gloves and began punching a heavy bag. “You know, I’m 84 today, but I feel like I’m 48!” he told his followers in the clip, which was posted on Monday, March 11.

“Feeling good and staying active! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes,” the Walker, Texas Ranger alum captioned the post.

The video came just two months after Chuck teased the upcoming release of his new action film, Agent Recon. “I can’t wait for you all to see what’s in store in the upcoming film, Agent Recon. Coming soon!” he wrote on Instagram in January 2024.

“We have been looking for an opportunity to work with the legendary Chuck Norris where he could show off his still exceptional fighting skills,” Quiver Distribution copresidents Berry Meyerowitz and Jeff Sackman told Deadline of the project in October 2023. “We were thrilled when he immediately joined the film after reading Derek Ting’s script, and we can’t wait for his many fans to see him back in action.”

The Forced Vengeance actor very rarely gives interviews or provides details about his personal life. However, he did reveal one of the secrets to his age-defying appearance.

“I’m grateful to feel strong, healthy, and energized,” he said during an August 2023 interview with The Healthy. “I don’t see age as a reason to slow down — if anything, it’s given me an opportunity to renew my commitment to fitness and nutrition. I make sure to add movement whenever I can each day and fuel my body with nutrients that have helped me feel younger than ever.”

“For me, my values are freedom, family, fitness, faith and fight,” he continued. “Prioritizing fitness and nutrition allows me to be more active with my loved ones, and a healthy body will offer me many happy years with them. Exercising with my family is a meaningful experience; my children are just as passionate about martial arts as I am. They are incredibly talented, too. So, engaging with your friends and family in these physical activities is another piece of my ‘wisdom’ for longevity. I’ve always said, ‘A family that trains together stays together.’”

Chuck is a dad to kids Mike, Eric, Dina, Danilee and Dakota from different relationships. He has been married to his wife, Gena Norris, since 1998.

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