Card Declined at Therapy So You Get a Golden Contestant

‌Fantasy suites are finally here! Juliet and Callie break down their favorite moments from the show, the addition of the Golden Bachelor contestants (02:00), Rachel’s unfortunate date and impending elimination (13:36), and Joey being the least-gross-looking kisser on The Bachelor (18:39). They talk about Daisy’s nervous energy on her date (26:57), whether the women actually love Joey (30:57), and predictions for the finale (37:54). In between, they discuss the books they are reading (25:23) and afterward, they share updates on the Traitors finale and reunion (40:10), Love Is Blind (44:19), and the new Survivor cast (45:35).

‌Hosts: Juliet Litman and Callie Rivers
Producer: Olivia Crerie

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