Brittany Cartwright ‘Still Loves’ Estranged Husband Jax Taylor & Won’t Rule Out Reconciling!

Brittany Cartwright isn’t ready to shut the door on her marriage with Jax Taylor.

In an interview with at the premiere party for The Valley, the 35-year-old reality star admitted she’s still in love with her estranged husband — despite pushing for their separation. Brittany said:

“I feel like I see Jax across the room and I’m like, ‘He looks so handsome.’ I still love him very much. It’s a hard time, right? It’s still fresh, so yeah, it’s still fresh. I don’t even know what it would mean for somebody to capture my heart now. I think it just is like, I don’t know. It’s too early to even think about.”

No one can blame her! That feeling doesn’t go away overnight! However, she is still “trying to figure out” what she wants to do next. Does she want to make their breakup official and file for divorce? Or will she give their relationship yet another shot? As of right now, Brittany doesn’t know.

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But what she does know is she hasn’t ruled out reconciling with Jax quite yet! The mom explained:

“I am still living in an Airbnb. Still taking my time for myself, trying to figure out what I want to do, if I want to go back into that relationship or if I decide I want to do something else. And I never, ever, ever thought I would get to that point because I have literally been Jax’s ride or die.”

Fans know just how “ride or die” Brittany has been for Jax over the years! She has continuously stuck by his side — even after he cheated on her with their Vanderpump Rules co-star Faith Stowers. But this time, Brittany knew they needed to separate for a while — no matter how much she may love and support him. Why? She told the outlet they were constantly fighting in front of their son Cruz. That ultimately was the final straw for Britt and made her realize she and their kid deserved more than this:

“Everybody knows that he did me dirty so many times and I still stuck by him. But after having my son, I think it woke me up a little bit and made me realize what I deserve and what he deserves. And a happy home is more important than trying to constantly make things work. Cruz doesn’t deserve to see his parents fighting. That’s not okay. And Jax is a great dad. He’s just not a great husband.”

Damn. That said, Brittany recognized she is “not perfect,” too:

“I was turning into a bitchy Brittany, which I’m not, because it was just every single thing that he was doing was annoying me, making me mad. We were just fighting constantly, and that’s why I noticed and because of my son, I realized that’s not okay.”

Good for her for not putting up with this and recognizing they needed to take time away from each other. Whatever Brittany and Jax decided to do next, though, we hope they can move forward amicably. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Do you feel they will reconcile? Let us know in the comments below!

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