Billie Eilish Talks Oscar Win For Original Song Backstage

Billie Eilish (22) and Finneas O’Connell (26) made history on Sunday night at the Oscars as they became the youngest two-time winners ever, taking home the golden statue for the somber Barbie hit “What Was I Made For?” in the Original Song category. 

During a heartfelt reflection backstage at the Oscars, Eilish recalled a moment of insecurity and doubt while watching Matilda on Broadway in her youth that almost hindered her current path to historic stardom. “I remember being 12, believe it or not, and seeing this musical and sobbing my eyes out. Cause I was like, ‘Damn, I’m a failure and I’m not going to have a career,’  I was bawling in the back of the nosebleeds, and I was like, I’m never going to amount to anything because I’m not Matilda. ” 

Despite Eilish’s own fears, the singer had words of wisdom and perseverance for other young musicians waiting for their chance for the spotlight. “I would say don’t do [music] for other people, don’t do it for the numbers. I want everyone to be doing something that they are passionate about, and they feel proud of and makes them feel like the best version of themselves. Just give it some time and do what you love.” 

The win marks the second for the sibling songwriters who won in 2022 for the James Bond theme “No Time To Die.” 

Barbie was the highest-grossing movie of 2023, with $1.4 billion in ticket sales, and it is the highest-grossing Warner Bros. film in history.

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