An Honest 2024 Review of TikTok’s Viral Rolling Garment Bag Suitcase

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Last year, I found myself rolling around a suitcase more times than I care to admit. Between a handful of styling gigs, visits with friends and family, and various romantic getaways, it felt like my bright pink luggage had become my go-to bag — and honestly, I was over it.

My old suitcase was something I’d had for years, and it was bulky and heavy even without anything in it. So, when TikTok began serving me videos of a viral rolling garment bag, I was curious. It looked small enough to work as a carry-on, yet large enough to hold multiple outfits and pairs of shoes. It had wheels, but also multiple straps to sling over your shoulder.

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So, I caved and ordered the seyfocnia Rolling Garment Bag
on Amazon for $70, hoping it would become my new travel companion.

seyfocnia Rolling Garment Bag

Within a few weeks, I had the opportunity to put my rolling garment bag to the test. I was traveling to South Carolina to visit family for the weekend, and needed to bring enough clothes for daytime activities, nice dinners, workouts, and traveling back home. This 22”L x 12.5”W x 12.2”H suitcase is said to have enough room for three-ish days of clothing, so it was the perfect pick for my trip.

Typically, I’m a messy overpacker — I squish and shove everything until it fits, then worry about wrinkles once I arrive. But this suitcase
doesn’t allow for that. You must lay all your clothes flat inside the garment bag part, otherwise it’s harder to zip up the sides to form a duffle bag. That detail forced me to stay organized and really plan out my outfits.

seyfocnia Rolling Garment Bag
Courtesy of Samantha Sutton

There is also one huge side compartment that’s meant to be used for shoes, and for me, it was able to hold at least three pairs (including boots). That’s because once the duffle is zipped into place, the clothes inside the garment bag actually wrap around the shoe pocket, and you might even be left with extra room inside your bag.

It’s important to note that the less you put inside the garment bag, the more you’ll be able to fit in the actual suitcase area. So, if you’re heading somewhere special, you might want to use the garment section to protect just one or two pieces, such as a suit or a sequined dress you’re rocking for a destination wedding, before packing your bag like you normally would.

seyfocnia Rolling Garment Bag
Courtesy of Amazon

One thing I didn’t love about the rolling garment bag is the cart rod, which slides into a sleeve in the back and makes the suitcase rollable. Because my duffle was fully packed, the balance was off, and my suitcase kept tipping to one side instead of rolling easily.

I also wasn’t quite sure where to put the crossbody strap when I wasn’t slinging my bag over my shoulder (it was dragging on the ground a bit), but it does unhook easily, so maybe that’s a me problem.

While thi
was definitely light enough to tote around the airport and small enough to fit into the overhead compartment on the plane, I did end up checking my bag on the way back. It arrived back in New York safe and in-tact, which is always impressive for an under-$100, material suitcase.

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