28 Light Brown Hair Colour Ideas To Inspire Your Next Shade Switch

If you thought natural in-between-y hair shades were drab, tell that to A-list hair colourist, Tracey Cunningham, whose beautiful light brown hair colours are legendary and anything but boring.

She counts JLo, Zendaya, Lily Aldridge, Halle Berry, Khloe Kardashian and Zoey Deutch as clients and her rule is simple: “when it comes to hair colour, I love keeping my clients as close and natural as I can to their own,” she tells GLAMOUR. And even when she’s pushing a hair shade in a slightly different direction to its roots (like light brown hair on naturally darker or fairer strands), she has a knack of making the colour look phenomenal and meant-to-be.

We’ve seen hair colour trends swing in a more casual direction in recent months with more of us heading back to our roots, which means mousy hair is back in a big way. But, rather than feeling ‘mehh’ or non-committal, it’s the calling card of cool-girls everywhere who want to lean into a more relaxed and undone aesthetic.

How to choose your light brown hair colour?

Obviously, light brown hair isn’t a copy and paste situation, so it’s best to tailor the shade to your lifestyle, skin tone and desired aesthetic. “Always have a consultation with your hair colourist. This way you can really go in-depth down to every single detail such as your skin tone, the clothing colour you usually wear, your go-to hairstyle, your hair quality, hair condition and the history of your hair colouring. This way you can choose the perfect light brunette for you,” says pro London hair colourist, Gemma Smidmore.

Light brown hair for olive and deep skin tones

For olive and deep skin tones, Gemma recommends “cooler” shades of brunette. “Biscuit, latte and cool caramel tones are delicious and super healthy-looking,” she says.

Light brown hair for fair skin tones

As for fair skin tones, warmer shades work well: “warm brown, golden honey and caramac tones will create a healthy glow to the hair,” Gemma says.

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How to keep light brown hair from looking brassy?

When it comes to swerving brassiness, its best to counteract it with cool tones. “Brunettes often suffer from too much warmth running through their hair,” explains Bryony Cairns, colourist at Larry King Salon. “Adding slices of cooler tones mutes the warmth without taking away the depth of the colour. This is especially good for brunettes with blue eyes and paler complexions as the cool tones make the eye colour ‘pop’,” she says.

How high-maintenance is light brown hair?

They say blondes have more fun, but they also have to spend more time maintaining their colour. Brunettes tend to fade slower than other shades and they create less damage as there’s less bleaching involved.

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